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Growth and Doppler Scan Doctor in Pune

Growth and Doppler Scan in Pune – Dr Tejas Tamhane

Growth and Doppler scan in Pune

Growth and Doppler scans are important diagnostic ultrasounds vital in prenatal care. They are two of the most crucial sonography tests that help monitor the growth of the baby along with the blood flow.

What Are Fetal Growth and Doppler Scan?

Fetal Growth Scan in Pune

A fetal growth scan is a type of ultrasound scan that is performed during pregnancy to assess the growth i.e. weight and development of the fetus. It is typically performed between 28 to 32 weeks and 36 to 40 weeks of pregnancy.

Doppler Scan in Pune

A Doppler scan is used to assess the blood flow in many parts of the fetal body, including arteries, veins and the heart. It is a non-invasive imaging technique that utilizes sound waves to examine the blood flow, helping doctors monitor the fetus and detect any potential complications. Usually done at every visit for various blood vessels of the fetus. The Doppler scan done at 28-30 weeks and 34-36 weeks, gives us the idea about how the overall growth, weight and development of the baby will be at the time of delivery.

Growth and Doppler Scan in Pune

Here are some of the things that a growth scan and Doppler scan can be used to assess:

  • The size and development of the fetus.
  • The amount of amniotic fluid.
  • The position of the placenta.
  • Blood flow between the mother and the fetus.
  • Blood flow within the body of the fetus.

What Does the Fetal Growth and Doppler Scan Involve?

Fetal growth and Doppler scan combine two pregnancy sonographies conducted during pregnancy to assess your baby’s well-being. Here’s a breakdown of what each part involves:

Fetal Growth Scan:

This uses regular ultrasound technology to create images of your baby. Your doctor will measure various aspects to assess growth, including:

  • Head circumference.
  • Abdominal circumference.
  • Femur length (thigh bone).
  • Amniotic fluid volume will also be measured.
  • These measurements are compared to charts to ensure they align with your baby’s gestational age.
  • The scan typically takes around 20 minutes, though it can vary.

Doppler Scan:

This is a special type of ultrasound that uses sound waves to evaluate blood flow. The probe focuses on specific areas to assess blood circulation:

  • Uterine arteries: These are the blood vessels of mother which supply blood to the uterus where baby is present. If the flow within these vessels are normal, then we can assume that the nutrition supply to the baby will be good.
  • Umbilical cord: This checks the flow of oxygen and nutrients from the placenta to the baby.
  • Fetal brain: This assesses blood flow to a vital organ and can indicate potential growth concerns.
  • Other areas (optional): Sometimes, blood flow in the baby’s liver or near the heart might be checked.
  • Abnormal blood flow patterns can be a sign of potential issues like restricted growth or placental problems.

Why Might My Doctor Recommend a Growth and Doppler Scan?

There are several reasons your doctor might suggest this combined scan:

  • Concerns about your baby’s growth based on previous scans or measurements.
  • If you have a high-risk pregnancy due to factors like maternal age, pre-existing medical conditions, or a history of pregnancy complications like high blood pressure.
  • To monitor potential issues like restricted fetal growth, placental problems, or concerns about blood flow.

Is the Growth and Doppler Scan Safe?

Yes, both growth scans and Doppler scans are safe and painless scans using ultrasound technology. No radiation is involved.

What Should I Expect During Growth and Doppler Scan?

  • You will be positioned in a comfortable position on an examination table to allow access to your abdomen for the ultrasound probe.
  • A gel will be applied to your skin for better image quality.
  • The doctor will move the ultrasound probe over your abdomen to capture images and assess blood flow.
  • The entire process usually takes around 20 minutes, though it can vary slightly.
  • You can ask questions throughout the scan.

Growth and Doppler Scan in Pune – Precious Clinic

If you are pregnant and your doctor recommends that you have a growth scan and Doppler scan in Pune, there is no reason to be worried. These scans are very common and are a safe and effective way to monitor the health of your baby.

Reach out to Dr Tejas Tamhane, the best fetal medicine specialist in Pune and the founder of ‘Precious Clinic for Advanced Fetal Medicine’. Dr Tamhane will help you navigate these scans safely and effectively.