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Viability and Dating Scan in Pune

Viability and Dating Scan in Pune: An Overview

The viability and dating scan, also known as early pregnancy scan, is an ultrasound examination that is usually carried out between 6 and 10 weeks of pregnancy. It is one of the first scans that you may undergo when you first conceive or have missed your periods. If you’re looking to get a viability and dating scan in Pune, consult Dr Tejas Tamhane.

What Does a Viability and Dating Scan Do?

The viability and dating scan has several important functions including the following:

  • Confirming viability: The scan checks for a fetal heartbeat, a crucial sign of a healthy start to a pregnancy.
  • Dating the pregnancy: By measuring the fetus’s size, the scan can estimate your due date.
  • Checking for multiples: The scan can reveal if you are having more than one baby in the womb like twins, triplets, or more.
  • Assessing the location: This scan ensures the pregnancy is located within the uterus (intrauterine) or outside the uterus. (extrauterine or ectopic pregnancy)
  • Identifying early abnormalities: While uncommon, the scan may detect potential concerns that warrant further investigation.

Why Is a Viability and Dating Scan Done?

Your doctor might recommend this scan for the following reasons:

  • Pregnancy confirmation: If you have a positive pregnancy test but want early reassurance.
  • Irregular periods: Uncertain about your last menstrual period, making due date estimation difficult.
  • Pain or bleeding: Experiencing these symptoms during early pregnancy can be worrying, and the scan can offer peace of mind.
  • Previous miscarriage: If you have a history of miscarriage, this scan can provide early reassurance of a viable pregnancy.

Viability and Dating Scan in Pune: What Type of Ultrasound Is Used?

A transvaginal ultrasound is typically used, where a small probe is inserted into the vagina for a clearer image of the uterus and developing fetus. In some cases, an abdominal ultrasound might be used, especially later in the first trimester.

Is Viability and Dating Scan Safe?

Viability and Dating Scans are considered safe for pregnancy. They use sound waves to create images and do not involve radiation.

How Long Does the Scan Take?

The scan itself usually takes around 10-15 minutes, with additional time for preparation and discussion with the fetal medicine specialist.

What Can I Expect After the Scan?

Your doctor will discuss the scan results with you, including the estimated due date, the viability of the pregnancy, and any next steps.

If the scan reveals a concern, the fetal medicine expert will explain the findings and recommend further tests or consultations depending on the situation. It’s important to remember that early detection of abnormality allows for prompt intervention if necessary.

Viability and Dating Scan in Pune – Reach Out to Precious Clinic for Advanced Fetal Medicine

Early and comprehensive prenatal care is crucial for a healthy pregnancy. Are you looking for a viability and dating scan in Pune? Schedule a consultation with Dr Tejas Tamhane, the best fetal medicine specialist in Pune, today!