Understanding the Importance of Anomaly Scans During Pregnancy

The journey of pregnancy is amazing, full of excitement, joy, and maybe some worry. During this moment of transformation, ensuring the health and well-being of the mother as well as the growing baby is of utmost importance. Anomaly scans are the most crucial scan during your pregnancy.

What Are Anomaly Scans?

Anomaly scans, sometimes referred to as level 2 or mid-pregnancy ultrasounds, are normally carried out between the 18th and 22nd weeks of pregnancy. This scan is a thorough, in-depth analysis of the growing foetus that aims to spot anomalies or structural abnormalities. High-frequency sound waves are used in this non-invasive scan to produce images of the developing baby inside the womb.

Anomaly Scans: Why Are They Important?

  • Early detection: Anomaly scans are essential for identifying structural or developmental anomalies in the developing foetus. These anomalies could have an impact on the heart, brain, spine, limbs, or abdominal organs, among other organ systems.
  • Prenatal Counselling: If a scan reveals an anomaly, parents can receive counselling and details on the issue in question, any potential consequences, and the range of treatment choices. This information enables parents to make wise decisions regarding the continuation or termination of pregnancy within the legally permitted time limits.
  • Emotional Preparation: When there are no anomalies found during anomaly scans, this might be relieving and reassuring for parents. On the other hand, if an anomaly is discovered, parents have time to process this and get ready for the journey ahead.
  • Planning: When anomalies are found, doctors can create a customised plan for the baby’s birth to make sure the right facilities and specialists are accessible for emergency care. This planning may be crucial for conditions that require immediate postpartum surgery or specialised medical care.
  • Supportive Care: An infant’s life can be significantly affected by early treatments and specialised assistance made possible through anomaly scans. For instance, early diagnosis of congenital heart problems can enable prompt medical interventions and surgeries, considerably improving the chances of the child having a healthy future.

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Anomaly Scan: What Does It Involve?

A fetal medicine specialist will thoroughly inspect several characteristics of the growing foetus during an anomaly scan. Some of the scan’s essential elements are:

  • Fetal Anatomy: The doctor will check the fetus’s head, brain, face, spine, chest, heart, abdomen, kidneys, bladder, arms and more. Any structural flaws or inconsistencies will be highlighted.
  •  Fetal Biometry: The doctor will check if certain fetal parts are grown normally for this age and based on these parameters, your baby’s weight will be calculated which gives a better idea about the nutrition status of the baby in the womb.
  • Amniotic Fluid Levels: Anomaly scans also measure the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the foetus. Anomalies in the amniotic fluid may indicate issues with foetal development.
  • Umbilical Cord and Placenta: The status and placement of the placenta and umbilical cord are evaluated during the scan. The health and development of the foetus can be impacted by any variations from normal.
  • Fetal Movements and Heartbeat: Your fetal medicine specialist will watch the baby’s movements and measure its heartbeat to make sure it is within the normal range.

In Conclusion

A crucial and the most important component of prenatal care, anomaly scans offer insightful information about the health and development of the developing fetus. They provide expectant parents with the knowledge, comfort, and the chance to get ready for any potential emotional or medical challenges. While the majority of anomaly scans produce positive results, early diagnosis may be the first step in providing the infant with the best care possible in cases where anomalies are found.

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